Get focused: Work-at-Home Productivity Tips

Breaking the traditional work values and environment, working in your own space has now become more than just a trend.

Working from home has its unlimited perks — avoid the hustle and bustle of public transit, eat at the comfort of your dining room, take control of your time, work in your pajamas and best of all, never leave your pet alone at home ever again.

More practiced in small companies and virtual companies, they believe that to hone and provide the best work and life balance to their employees is in the way of accommodating them in their best needs and level of satisfaction of course, along with productivity boost.

However, not all people are ecstatic to work from home and there are some who gets bored and feel too isolated at times, there are ways to deal with that. But first, let’s fix your home office space.Work-at-Home

Designate a workspace: Since you will be working working with ease and freedom from any constraints; no annoying coworkers, hassle commute and unhealthy lunches, you’ll have to find a way that will keep you focused and will make you feel like you’re in a real office.

If you have kids:  they can just throw their bags or other stuff over your dining table where you are working and things can just get out of hand from there. Whether you have a big desk space or a tiny one, it doesn’t matter as long as you have a dedicated working space; where you can sit, start working in your own home professional atmosphere.

Have a fixed routine: This would be your daily to-do list. since you’re at home, without any managers to supervise you nor workmates to lurk over your computer, it’s easier and more tempting to step away from your tasks and “Netflix and chill” instead.

Before you start your day:  list down what you need to do. Starting from the most important and most urgent down to the latter. Learn to prioritize and the tasks you left undone in the list, do it tomorrow. However, as much as you can, try to finish the list before your work hour ends. The earlier you get to finish your tasks, the more time you have to go out and enjoy the rest of the day.

Set deadlines:  Ultimately strict deadlines, in fact; especially when you’re trying to finish a major project. Set a specific deadline for some of your tasks that needs to be done immediately — more importantly those that take longer hours and extra effort in order to finish.

Don’t get stuck in your email at 11 AM in the morning when you’re supposed to be working on another task. Schedule hours wherein you’ll check your emails, ideally during the first thing in the morning, after lunch and before you end your shift. Your repetitive tasks need to have deadlines as well, continue to work on how to prioritize your tasks.

Set limited break:  One of the reasons why you preferred working at home most certainly be to have power over your time. But doesn’t mean you would have to abuse that control and watch series instead of doing your responsibilities

Take a few breaks but limit it to 20 minutes after every two hours. Within that break, do whatever you want; watch a short episode of a series, read news, scroll through Facebook or grab a quick bite. And if you’re thinking you’d rather work straight to end it all early, you’ll only feel drained and your brain won’t process too well. Take a quick break and once you return, you’ll almost instantly feel more energized and ready to get it all over with.

If you’re stuck, go out:  If you think nothing’s happening in your desk space and you just feel too dazed to continue working, don’t hesitate to go outside. Socialize with other people for a while, don’t keep yourself isolated for a long time.

Grab your laptop:  notes and other important papers and work in your favorite coffee place and indulge in your favorite mocha or pumpkin spice latte drink. Don’t let your work slow down. If you’re craving for a breath of fresh air, change the environment and it will definitely boost your productivity up.

There are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained and productive. Learn how to balance your work and life; but most especially, learn to balance and keep track of your work tasks. Working from home doesn’t have to be so boring and distracting as long as you know your boundaries and your responsibilities.

Do you have any more practices that helps you keep focused when you work at home? Share it with us! Comment below.

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