Ways Tech Can Help You Organize Your Office


It’s very easy for an office space to get cluttered with all of the paper that is used and stationary that is left lying around. However, with the use of technology you can not only cut back on your clutter and organize your office, but also create a simpler and cleaner workspace for you and your employees to enjoy. Here’s how:

Clear your Desktop

Your desktop can get very busy and cluttered, especially if you deal with stacks of paperwork on a daily basis. It is easy to let the paperwork you need to complete your daily tasks and your array or stationary items cover your table and fill your drawers, but technology can help you with this issue in more way than one. Start your decluttering process by scanning any paperwork you need onto your computer via programs like NeatDesk. This will help you create a database of digital information that can then be emailed to clients and employees instead of printed and sent via post. Storing it away in a digital file means that you will be able to accessit at anytime via your computer and have saved space on your desktop.

Use Cloud Computing

Gone are the days of taking a briefcase full of papers to meetings and presentations – except when you need a contract signed, that is. Cloud computing enables users to store a wealth of information (created both digitally and scanned in) on cloud-based applications such as Dropbox, Evernote and Google Documents, that can be accessed through a computer, mobile phone or tablet at a click of a button. You can also share files with a number of other devices, meaning they can be made accessible to your clients and your employees.

Digital Filing Cabinet

There are a number of programs, including Manilla, which can help you and your company track, pay and manage bills,subscription and household accounts digitally.Investing in a digital filing cabinet can save you money on paper, ink and storage facilities, as well as clear the much-needed space on your office’s floor. Programs like Manilla also offer notification services that help you to create and schedule events that will serve as a reminders to pay your office rent in Dubai, finish a project for a looming deadline coming up, and will also ensure that you do not miss any meetings with potential clients.

Take Notes

For those who spend a vast majority of their working week in meetings will know how frustrating it is when you can’t find the notes you made the day before among the sea of paperwork already residing on your desk. Technology can change that. Instead of trying to remember to pack enough pens and a notepad when you go to your next meeting, take your phone or tablet with you instead. By uploading these notes to applications like Evernote, technology will then perform an optical character recognition (OCR) and make your documents searchable – meaning you will be able to access them faster and that they will not get lost.

The above four points are simple and easy ways you and your employees can lighten your paper load, organize your office and declutter. By using technology to organize your office space you will makemore space for important business tasks and create a more comfortable working environment.

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