Fun And Useful Office Gadgets And Equipment

A lot of people think that offices are a stern, serious place, where it’s all about business and hard work, while, consequently, everything else ends up appearing so impersonal and dull. That should not be the case! A warm and entertaining work environment can help boost the mood, thus also influencing a rise in productivity and efficiency of workers. It is actually quite easy to make the whole ambience more appealing and relaxing, all you need are some interesting office toys and gadgets to make things seem more fun.Useful-Office-Gadgets

USB cup warmer
Coffee and cigarettes usually go hand to hand, especially early in the morning when you have to drag yourself to work with eyes half open, but what is even worse is when your cup of coffee cools down long before you even get the chance to savour it’s warm fresh morning kick. Now, there is a simple solution to that and it’s called a USB cup warmer. The name says it all… You just have to plug in this little gadget to your computer’s USB port and rest your cuppa on a hot plate. After that, just take your time to fully enjoy this pleasing beverage.

Mini USB aromatic humidifier
Once the seasons change, the air itself can drastically vary and have a direct impact on your body and mind. For instance, dry mouth, dry hands, or dry skin can be quite an unpleasant consequence of moistureless climate, with, or without air-conditioning. So, in order to battle this problem that’s rid of all possible water in the air, a simple piece of technology called the mini USB aromatic humidifier can rectify such faults. Just as the cup warmer, you plug this baby in the USB port and watch it generate cool, damp steam that makes breathing comfortable again. Moreover, you can also add a certain fragrance oil to give the air a pleasant scent that suits your taste and personality.

Cable Drop
Let’s also get a little practical, shall we? This small piece of equipment is actually quite handy since it prevents your cables from falling off the desk. Beyond that, it also makes great table clips on furniture legs and is excellent for keeping all those loose cords under control. All you have to do is choose the colour that will match your furniture, ambience, or just the stationeries, no matter if you keep them somewhere hidden, or somewhere conspicuous.

Air-Conditioned Seat Cushion
First off, yes, just as it sounds in terms of practicality and use, this product hails from Japan. The makers of cooling, air-conditioning beds and clothes – Kuchofuku, have also made these appealing seat cushions, which can also fulfill their purpose in offices. You may spend a little sum of money for this seat appliance, but considering that it’s made of energy-saving materials, that isn’t drastically power-consuming and noisy, it worth every dollar.

Stubby Coolers (Koozies)
These additions to your office are used to insulate a chilled beverage from warming up, whether it’s from the heat of your hand, or warm air and sunlight. It’s perfect if you want to reduce the chance of your drink reaching that unpleasant temperature, especially if the particular drink is best served cold. Personalised Stubby Holders posses a wide and interesting array of stubby coolers which come in all shapes and sizes and they can also be personalized with your own graphics, or logos. You don’t have to use t as plain decoration, with the latest screen printing technology, you can easily set it apart from the others with style.

USB heating blanket
Winter can also take it’s toll on your productivity, so in order to fight of such a work-debilitating chill, a USB heating blanket is all that you’ll need. With a warming pad on the inside, once you plug this piece of warm heaven in the USB port, your whole body will thank you for it. Whether you place it on your legs, or on your shoulders, wherever it suits your needs, this blanket will de-frost you properly and make working much more enjoyable.

This is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding practical as well as entertaining gadgets for the office, but also try to pay attention to your desk. By making it colourful, fun and stimulating by adding all sorts of appliances and toys, you’ll surely feel an improvement in your productivity and mood. Knuckle coffee mugs, spy pens with video cameras, animal USB port hubs, waterproof keyboards, smart pens, pads, holders, punching bags, small desk catapults, calendars, etc… all these props, stationeries, bits and bits of equipment can make a huge change in your working area. As long as it’s not dull and makes you happy, it’ll be worth it.

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