The Essentials Of Web Design For Amateurs

There are a lot of tips and tricks on web design, possibly hundreds, but there are some considered the most common and therefore the most disastrous when it comes to website design.

They are thought of as something that might help websites succeed, but in the end all they do, really, is to bring it down in value and performance. The many major problems that website designers should avoid include the following:Web-Design-For-Amateurs

Disabling the ‘Back’ button

One of the things that website designers do when they wish to keep visitors on the website is to disable the ‘back’ button in the top left corner of the screen. When a user clicks it, it does one of three things. Either it takes them to another random website, it does nothing at all or it has lots of windows pop open. This does not make the visitors stay on the website, but irritates them and makes them not want to come back at all.

New Windows Popping Open

It was cool when the trend of the internet started to emerge, to have different windows pop open whenever a certain link was clicked on. Now, it is something that annoys the users. Not only does it annoy, it also slows down the computer. This will drive the visitors away since it complicates the entire experience.

Contact Information

Not putting the email address, office address and phone numbers somewhere clearly visible is a big sign of a company’s incompetence. That means that the clients who wish to do business with them will not have a way to contact them. They will either give up on looking for the information after a few minutes or simply leave when it is not before their eyes.

Slow loading

Another thing guaranteed to drown a website are slow servers. Nothing is more irritating than a slow loading website. It promotes the inefficiency of the company rather than their business. Using a good server is the best way to impress those looking at the website and making sure they remember it.

Outdated Information

There is little else that puts potential clients off more than an outdated website. Constant updates mean that the website is taken care of and that the company cares about it. If visitors keep seeing the same outdated thing over and over again, it will eventually drive them away.

Too much Font

There are certain websites that wish to look appealing by using as many font styles and flashy colors as possible. Granted, this is done to get attention but what it truly does it drive users away. The colors and change of fonts frustrate the user because they are not visually appealing. Consistency is important when it comes to websites, it makes it easier to read. But if it is not consistent and looks chaotic, chances are that a visitor will leave and not visit it again.

It takes a lot of work and thinking to get the perfect functioning website for a company. It means to keep in mind the factors above and others things that are detrimental to its success and apply them when it comes to website design.

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