5 Most Wanna Be Technology Trends in 2016

You wake up in the morning and pick up your iPhone from the tea table and start stirring through your mails. Even when you are in the bathroom, you might get a notification on your iWatch (hand wearable device by Apple, which is changing the way we live) and you get things done quickly and rush to what the notification reminded you of. The world is changing in such a way that no one had ever expected this would happen. New technologies are emerging that are obliviously helping us a lot, but in fact, they are also ruining us. We need to redefine the relationship of man and machine if we are becoming too dependent on the new technology trends.Technology Trends

However, we don’t want to move to the tweak part right now so here are some of the most ‘wannabe’ technology trends in 2016:

1.    iWatch (Let’s see what it has to offer)
These wearable devices are new on the market so only a few have a smartwatch on their hands. This must remind you of the late 90s when Interface Manager (Windows) was released for the first time. Today, Windows powers almost 4 out of every 5 PCs in the world and what we can think of with Apple’s watch is clear; maybe every 4 individuals out of 5 will have a smartwatch or let’s say, the iWatch, on his hand (not in 2016 but later).
Actually, it’s more important what iWatch will be offered in the days to come. Apple Pay has been there for a while now and it’s going to change the way you pay for anything in 2016. Or, there is the Samsung Galaxy Gear lineup, which may be a tough competition for iWatch. Few days ago, an app was introduced for iPad using which one can see hidden waves of Wi-Fi around himself. In 2016, the same app may be designed for iWatch.
Believe it or not, iWatch is going to be an essential within a few years as Apple will continue bringing something new to its new innovation. In this way, adopting with wearable technology can be easy as everyone will take it like a kind of compulsion.

2.    Holograms (No doubt these will change everything)
There is something amazing going on at Microsoft or Sony these days. Both of these companies are about to release their own version of holograms. The Microsoft Hololens, which will be powered by Windows is going to change the whole thing. In fact, this technology is capable bringing New York to your footsteps even if you are in Japan. When you wear the Hololens, your environs will change automatically and you will find yourself in a Windows environment. For instance, you could see the Skype’s icon on your wall and navigate through the interface using your hands like in the Kinect sensor. In short, the Hololens are like an improved version of the Kinect, which will trend in 2016. Same thing is happening at Sony as they are designing the PSVR. Oculus has also been doing great in this field so get ready for one of these to rock in the coming year.

3.    Google’s Self Driving Car
Another thing that is going to trend in 2016 is the Google’s Self Driving Car. At present, these cars can only be spotted in the Silicon Valley but remember that they are being tested and will soon be everyone around in the US. For instance, you could use the Google Now app to call a Google Self Driving Car as a taxi. Google will also work to power other normal cars by using some kind of hardware to sophisticate their rides. Today, we are using services like Uber or Lyft whenever we need a ride. However, starting 2016, we might get the chance to ride in cars without any drivers. This technology will change driving and can also prevent those freaking accidents.

4.    Wearable devices
Wearable technology is basically everywhere now. You can find smart T-shirts, Smart pants, Smart shoes and a lot more. This is a trend and the end is nowhere near. Wearable tech is a good and positive thing, it helps people in many ways. If for example you are working out and doing all sorts of exercises, smart wearables will help you come a long way and to be even a lot better than you were before. Wearables are here to stay as they deserve.

5.    Smart machines – robots, driverless cars
This machines include self-driving cars, robots and other inventions which can solve problems without people’s intervention. It is believed that smart machines will have a great impact on business and a lot more.

To sum up, new technology is being introduced in this world of ours but we need to be equally careful about the consequences. With amazing technologies being introduced, 2016 is going to be a year of technological modifications in the history.

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