Technology and Its Role In Home Security

There is no doubt that technology is becoming more and more interwoven in our lives and for the most part, it is a good thing. One area where technology can really be of help is in securing our homes and our businesses. Today, it is much easier and cheaper to secure your home with technology that was extremely expensive just a few years ago. We will be looking at ways in which technology can help you secure your home or business these days.

New Keyless Locks
Locks have undergone quite a transformation in the last 5 to 10 years and we are seeing more and more new solutions that do not use keys at all. Instead of keyholes and keys, these high-tech locks use other ways of locking and unlocking. For instance, there are locks that use biometric information, meaning fingerprints or even retina scans. Some locks use wireless signals to synch with owners’ smartphones and allow them to lock and unlock using their phones. There are also locks that use keypads and even touchscreens and which use passwords instead of the key.

Video Surveillance
Video surveillance used to be reserved for businesses mostly, as these systems were quite expensive for use in private homes. These days, thanks to the advancement of technology, even solutions with axis cameras and other high quality cameras can be purchased at very reasonable prices. This allows home owners to have constant control over who is near their home or in their home. In addition to this, many video surveillance systems today can be controlled from a smartphone, with a simple app.

Motion Sensors
Another technology that has made huge strides is the motion sensor technology which is mostly used in combination with lights. With one of these features, you are making sure that no one can sneak up on your house or your business. As soon as the motion sensors notice that someone is there, they turn on the light and flood the area, making it impossible for anyone to hide. Many video surveillance systems also use this technology and turn on the cameras when they register movement.

Temperature and Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Systems
When we are talking home security and safety, it is important to point out that it is not just about preventing burglars from getting inside. It is all about monitoring the temperature, ensuring that fire cannot break out in the home and that carbon monoxide levels are safe. With new technological advances, there are some very efficient systems which monitor all of this, ensuring that nothing happens in your home that could harm the members of the household in any way.

Controlling Everything with your Phone
Smartphones are inseparable parts of our lives and when we are talking home security, they have really become these versatile controllers that you can use to monitor and control every security system that you have. This is made possible thanks to apps that you can now download and that can give you full control over every single home security feature that you have installed. Most manufacturers of home security equipment develop their own applications which do the same.

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