Surfing Gadgets and How to Approach Them

A couple of decades ago, a trip to your local grocery shop required nothing but money you intended on spending. Nowadays, smart phones, MP3 players and tablets seem to accompany us everywhere. Such is the case with equipment for a beach day of surfing. A set of gear comprising sunscreen and a surfboard has seemingly grown in size, now incorporating sunblock with a larger factor and a whole bunch of modern-day gadgetry. Further are some of the popular pieces of equipment to bring on your beach day.Surfing Gadgets

  • A perfect backpack for surfers? – Now this was truly made with surfers in mind! If you’ve ever gone surfing, surely you’ve experienced having the rest of your gear soaked from a dripping wetsuit. Vango Dry 20 is made from fully waterproof ripstop nylon with a roll-top, which is sealed and compressible using an air valve. This piece of equipment is extremely useful, especially if you have a habit of spending hours on end walking the coastline, in search for a perfect surf spot – a ventilated back system, a removable waist strap and a sternum strap are sure to make you feel more comfortable when combined together. Three zipped pockets (two of them are waterproof) are designed for surfing necessities like wax and spare leashes.
  • GPS watch – Quite a number of life’s aspects have been made easy with commercial employment of the Global Positioning System. Rip Curl Search GPS watch works its magic by connecting to satellites to supply the user with latest important data (like tide information) and, once you start surfing, offers a plethora of info, such as top speed, number of waves that you’ve managed to catch and total distance you’ve covered. Additionally, it covers over 1300 surfing locations all around the globe.
  • A quality, endurable board – Guts Doodlebug is a handmade surfing board which provides plenty of float with its high volume, but not at the cost of maneuverability. Shorter than your regular board by 4 to 6 inches, it is more practical, as well as lighter than its peers.
  • MP3 player – Surfing has always worked well with music – hell, surf music was a whole new genre, a while back. However, taking an MP3 player for a dip in the ocean doesn’t quite sound like an idea all that bright, now does it? Luckily, there are a ton of waterproof players available out there as an option nowadays, for you to enjoy your favorite trending or evergreen tunes. Not only is the player, in itself, water-resistant, but you can also bring your headphones with you, as you go for a swim! Pretty neat, isn’t it?
  • Other gadgets – Plenty of items for this line of sport can be found at GO PRO accessories, which has a plethora of surfing gadgets in offer, at reasonable prices. Items such as Wi-Fi smart remotes, floaty backdoors and SD cards can all be found on this one neat spot.
  • Otterbox cases – Nowadays, no trip can be imagined without a smartphone at one’s side – no matter if you’re visiting your local shoe store or travelling to a remote beach for a surfing adventure. Sun, sand and water are simultaneously things which are the things every smartphone dreads, as well as an omnipresent part of beach. Otterbox cases offer protection for your iPhone, or Blackberry and rid you of any worry with regards to the device of your preference.

Surfing has changed significantly over the course of last couple of decades. Even though the various gadgetry paraphernalia has deemed life a whole lot easier with their mere presence, these do come with a form of encumbrance in terms of waterproofness as well as resistance to unfavorable conditions in general. Luckily, you now have a list of surfing items to look into for your next trip to the beach.

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