How Smartphones are Changing Home Security

The days when smartphones were nothing but a fun gadget are long gone. They have become so much more over the last few years and they have truly become our personal assistants in more ways than one. Many people use them for business; others use them for organization and a million other tasks and uses. One area where smartphones are also showing their potential is in home security. But how exactly are they doing this?

Using an Old Smartphone as a Camera
Video surveillance systems can get quite expensive, especially if you want to get something that involves a HD camera and all kinds of fancy features. The good news is that there are apps which allow you to turn an old, unused smartphone in a camera that you can then use to keep an eye on your property. You place it somewhere in your home and it will turn on every time movement is detected. You can then monitor the video feed on your new smartphone that you are using daily. It is a great way of repurposing old smartphones.How-Smartphones-are-Changing-Home-Security

However, it is not all about keeping the burglars out. Perhaps you have a pet that you need to keep an eye on when you are out of the house, or you have a baby sleeping in the other room from where you are. You will have better peace of mind when you can check up on them using this old smartphone as a camera.

Smartphone as Control Devices
Back in the old days, if you had a home security installed, whether it was a simple alarm system or a more comprehensive setup featuring video surveillance and motion sensors, you had to either rely on an alarm monitoring company or you had to be home to check it on your monitors. Today, however, virtually all alarm systems and other security setups come with apps that you install on your smartphone and which give you the ability to control and monitor your system via your mobile device.

The most comprehensive and modern home security systems will not only be about keeping the invaders at bay. They will also be about keeping the right temperature, ensuring that CO2 levels are within limits. All of these can be operated and regulated using smartphone apps.

Locks Operated by Smartphone
Locks have really come a long way and modern locks these days do not even use keys any more. Some use fingerprints of the user or fobs that ensure that the lock opens automatically when the user carrying the fob approaches.

Smartphone locks are among the most interesting new keyless locks and for a few reasons. For instance, with a smartphone lock, you can set it so that your door opens automatically when the lock registers your smartphone (i.e. you). In addition to this, many smartphone-operated locks have little cameras installed in them that can take pictures of people who are at the door or even give you a video feed of what is going on. You can check all of this on your smartphone.

We have talked to Sydney-based locksmiths and they warned us, however, that smartphone locks can sometimes be of less-than-stellar quality, especially when it comes to the physical strength of the materials and mechanisms used. So, if you plan on getting a smartphone lock, make sure to inquire with experts about the best ones on the market.

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