Roadway Technologies

In an increasingly technology-driven society, its important that we remain focused while on the roads. Our engagement levels while driving along busy streets or highways can easily be deterred with the advancement and introduction of newer technology and gadgets that might make us become distracted. Additionally, with the rise in social media use and mobile capabilities, more and more individuals are becoming glued to their phones as time progresses.Roadway-Technologies

Car Gadgets helping our drive

Technology has not brought about all negative consequences to our driving capabilities, though. There have been many breakthroughs and advances that have helped society become more conscious of their surroundings.

There are obvious technological innovations that have been introduced such as the GPS system that allow users to navigate the roadways with ease, rather than pulling out an old-fashioned map. Additionally, newer cars come equipped with backup cameras that help to reduce accidents while putting your car in reverse. In fact, in some areas of the world, backup cameras will be mandatory on automobiles within the next ten years.

There are some not-so traditional advancements that have become available to newer car owners in the most recent years. Some of the best introductions include the development of the blind-spot detection devices, that help to keep drivers safe while switching lanes. They also help drivers to avoid side-collisions with other motorists while on the roadways. Additionally, it might be wise to invest in night-vision assist headlights, for drivers who have trouble seeing in the dark while driving. These headlights were designed to assist drivers see farther down the road- and even include technology that helps to highlight, or shine brighter upon objects that might be harder to see with the naked eye.

Additionally, newer technology has been introduced that allows emergency personnel to be the first responders to a crash scene. Automatic Crash Notification systems within cars allow the driver comfort, in knowing that in the event of an emergency, they will have little to nothing to do, to receive assistance.


Though the advancement of technology has brought about many innovations that provide safety and comfort during our drive, we are still faced with many distractions on the roadways.

Bluetooth devices are almost commonplace in newer automobiles, which helps to cut down on the amount of cell phone use while driving. Even with bluetooth use, it can still be difficult for some to operate an automobile because of the multitasking aspect of the problem.

It’s important to recognize that technological innovations in cars are excellent, and help to reduce fatal accidents while on the roadways. Though, these advancements still cannot completely reduce the risk of being distracted while we drive. Its important that we educate those around us and be sure we are all informed of the dangers that we face while on the road.

To demonstrate the dangerous use of texting and driving, check out this excellent game that safety illustrates the serious consequences of texting and driving. Technology can help aid with many aspects of safety while on the roads, but cell phone use is an area we can all improve upon.

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