3 Must Have Job Management Software Features

JobtraqJobTraQ is the leading task and job management software solution, and we have designed it to be flexible and entirely customizable, which means it fits into how you do business and not the other way around. JobTraQ is a tried and tested job workflow management solution which gives you full visibility and accountability into your workflows and business processes.

Job workflow management software is finally maturing in the marketplace, but while all solutions are made equal, some are more equal than others.

So how do you tell them apart?

Always ensure that you have the three following features included in any solution you are thinking of buying:

1. Custom Workflows
Many solutions will claim to offer this, but in practice they are very limited in how you can actually use them. Certainly, the vast majority of solutions available require very heavy developer and coding knowledge, which means you cannot take advantage of custom workflows without incurring significantly more money on dev time.

Look for a product which offers you the ability to define Task Types and Statuses – this indicates user functionality that lets non-specialists make custom workflows up as they require them. This means you can manipulate the job workflow software to run workflows you design, rather than being forced to adapt how you do business to suit the software.

JobTraQ offers full functionality in this respect – you define Task Types & Statuses, and these are easily dropped into your automated workflows using our visual workflow, drag-and-drop tool.

2. Automated Recurring Task Setup & Management
A major requirement is to automate repetitive tasks – those pesky chores that every business has to do in order to keep going. This is boring, monotonous and tiresomely repetitive, but also vital to your business.

By automating repetitive tasks, you will free non-productive time up as much as possible, and let’s your team focus their attention on things which really matter.

Examples include sending out automated notifications of work completed, alerting a supervisor when jobs are approaching due dates, or compiling and sending out recurring activity reports.

3. Contact Management

If you are to be effective at managing jobs, you are also going to need to be effective at managing your contacts. Contacts includes clients, team members and employees, as well as external vendors, sub-contractors and partners you use in your business. More than this, your contacts will also include potential customers and leads, whose information you wish to capture and ensure are followed up on with appropriate sales calls and contact.

JobTraQ has an integrated contact management module which allows for you to collect all contact information.

Contact data is easily exported into your CRM, if you are using one, or you can manage them from within JobTraQ itself.


Job flow software and task management solutions are not all born equal. Aside from robust task management capabilities, you should also be looking to for automated recurring job management and setup functionality, along with workflow capabilities which are fully customizable to how you do business, and not the reverse. Finally, you also should have a job flow management tool which will allow you to manage all of your contacts.

Karl Hindle writes frequently on business and technology issues, and you may follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

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