Today’s Innovative Car Technologies

Automobile industry is one of the most sophisticated branches of economy that constantly strives to evolve technologically. Up to this day some integrated pieces of equipment and features are taken for granted – electric or remote ignition, automatic windshield wipers, airbags, cruise control and power steering to name a few. Still, this industry never ceases to amaze us with new additions and innovations, so let’s delve a little deeper to see what is considered “cutting edge” these days.Innovative-Car-Technologies
Rear-mounted radar
A lot of people don’t have a very positive experience with backing out of a parking space. This has prompted “car scientists” to create a sensor on the back of the vehicle to alert drivers about objects that have gotten to close behind them. Whether it’s a fence, a tree, a wall, or another vehicle, the rear eyes of your car will now signalize to you that you have to stop backing up before you actually hit something.

Night vision & pedestrian detection
Naturally, when it’s night time, vision is severely debilitated, and despite of a good set of lights at the front and the back of your car, you still won’t be able to see your surroundings entirely. This little addition is perfect for detecting pedestrians around you, it identifies and also shows the direction of their movement on the dashboard. Also, if you’re closing in on one, a warning will appear on the display, which is an obvious indicator that you have to slow down and pay attention not to have any incidents.

Parental control
If you have a teen that’s beginning to learn how to drive, than this system can limit the max speed of your car. However, that is not the only thing you can interfere with. Other utilities can also be deliberately adjusted for safety reasons, like decreasing the volume of audio, which if excessive can be distracting, or sounding a continuous alarm if seat belts aren’t fastened. The point is to keep everything safe for novice drivers.

GPS vehicle tracker
This piece of equipment costs about 500$ and it can be considered an extension of parental control. This system updates the vehicle’s position every 10 seconds and useful for the whereabouts of the car to be known. You only need Internet access to keep track of everything and it can also alert parents on their cell phone or computer if speed limit has been exceeded or if the vehicle has enter/exited certain areas.

This one obviously has multiple purposes. It can either provide you with a view behind the vehicle when you shift into reverse, or provide a much larger field of view (mainly panoramic for parking) and it can simply record everything that happens in front of you. Why? Well, also known as crash cameras, they are particularly useful when accidents occur, since they can give clear and detailed insight of the situation and help evaluate the circumstances that led to the whole thing. Just mount one, two or more wherever you please and you’ll have eyes around you that will memorize everything that has happened during your drive.

Wi-Fi Internet access from a moving vehicle is still something we hope to see in the future, but there are systems that at least allow your cell phone to be connected online. Autonet Mobile is the first system that turns your vehicle into a moving wireless hotspot. You just have to mount a portable router somewhere where it won’t bother you (usually in the trunk) and it will supply you with uninterrupted signal no matter if you’re at a blind spot, in a tunnel, etc.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to modern equipment innovations for your car, but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring what else exists. Yes, usually all the additions can be a bit pricey, but as long as each one serves it’s purpose, such investments can go a long way. Technology is meant to help facilitate our lives, so feel free to see how far we’ve come with all recent developments, and how much more we’ve yet to unravel.

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