Important Stages When Choosing a Domain Name

People get a certain impression about a business solely from its name. The power of that first contact with a new product or person has a great influence on the way people form their opinions. So, choosing a catchy but non-pretentious name for a startup is just like having a modern but not crazy haircut. The point of both is making people notice you and say: “This is fantastic!” While making such a hairstyle is not a problem, coming up with the right business name is a more complex thing.Domain Name

Middle-of-the-road approach

Startup owners often suffer from the same disease that alternative movie directors have issues with – pretentiousness. Due to their strong intention to be different from others, they try hard to create unusual names for their brands, which people often fail to see, because the Internet and business are all about simplicity. Since its visitors have got used to its simple but efficient nature, applying abstract ideas to online space is usually pointless. Instead of going with a super-original name that no one will get, try catchy but simple combinations of common nouns depicting your business. You need a pop-hit, not a symphony here.

Learn about false friends

Although realizing who your true friends are is also a useful thing, this part is about linguistic false friends – similar words in different languages that have different meanings. For instance, in English the word embarrassed describes someone who feels uncomfortable because of something they have done. A similar word in Spanish – embarazada – simply means “pregnant”. Since English is the most used language on the web, it is essential for startup owners to polish their English first and then use Google to find out if there are any funny meanings for that name in other languages. Read more about ridiculous and hilarious domain names here.

Double-edged nature of .com

It is clear that .com is the most popular extension for online businesses. Since it is only a clipped form of commercial, no further explanation is needed here. However, today brand names that use .com fail to climb the online ladder and get proper ranking. The biggest problem with this extension is that it is very hard to find a strong brand name that has not already been combined with it. If you manage to reach a creative name, it could be a fine start for your business. However, it is much smarter to opt for some of the less popular but similarly functional extensions and avoid .com disasters.Nature of Domain Name

Get out of dead end

More often than not, business owners are not able to create an interesting name for their new business. If that happens to you, try to gather your employees and apply the brainstorming method to generate original ideas. If you are still a solopreneur, activate your family members and your friends to contribute to the name-giving process. The problem is that at one moment all of you might end up in a dead-end street of creativity. Even if such a thing happens, do not fall into despair, but contact guys from to help you hit the target with your domain name.

As you can see, defining the brand name and choosing the domain will determine the future of your business. Stay simple, rational and practical to hit the brand target and get the best of your web presence.

Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.

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