Importance Of Website Visuals

Website content is very important, because it is through this that your clients learn of your brand, your products and your services. There are many people who, when designing forget the importance of visuals. Regardless of how important it is there to be text on your website, it is even more important for there to be visuals too. The 21st century is the age of visuals; people are more receptive towards images. It allows them to establish their own opinions and it stimulates their mind. No one wishes to open a website and have to read lengthy paragraphs over a product, they would prefer looking at the product in various ways in which they can be convinced to purchase the product.Website-Visuals

Why Are Visuals Important

When opening a website, the visuals are the first thing that is most likely to grab the attention of your customer. Whatever they see immediately is what makes tem form a decision about the website they are visiting. If they see a lot of text, they might just get put off and leave, though your website might be the most useful to them. This is why you have to ensure you keep your audience in mind when coming up with a layout for your website.

Scientifically speaking, the human mind responds a hundred times faster to visuals than it does to text. When visiting websites, the client is always interested to get the job done in less than a minute. If they feel it will take them at least five to ten minutes to find out what the website is all about, they will find it a lot easier to click the close button than to scroll through the entire page.

When you are designing a web page, the following two things must be kept in mind for effective and positive response from the clients:

  1. Remember your audience, if you were visiting another website and saw a lot of text, how would you respond? If you are likely to prefer a more visual website over a textual, one you should know that is what your client will prefer too.

  2. Most importantly, the product is yours and not your clients. This means that though you might be interested in reading a lot about the product because you worked hard towards it, your client may not care. They just want to get the job done.

A webpage is what develops a certain image of your website in the minds of the client. You get one chance to brand yourself, your product, your business and your services; you do not want to blow it. The aesthetics of your website will remain engraved on your clients mind for a long time.

It is also preferred that the colours you use on your webpage are as per your client and audience. The eyes and mind of young people respond better to loud colours; light colours might just put them to sleep. Hence, when developing a website think of your clients more and yourself less.

Scott Heron truly belives that website visuals are very important, and getting them right is a must. He has more than 10 years of experience in web design. You can check his work at

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