How to Build Your First Business Website?

We are all very familiar with the matter of functioning of modern world. Everything, including business, is connected with using the Internet. No matter if you are looking for additional info for your current project, or you are advertising over Facebook, the Internet is there. You can use it to your advantage, and to make a website for your business. To do so, simply follow these rules.

How to Build Your First Business WebsitePurpose

First of all, think about the purpose of your site. You can make it semi-commercial, with an excellent blog section filled with news and useful articles from your field of work. This way, you will attract much more people, if they know that you wish to inform them, not just to attract them as customers. Other thing is, you can set up a sale over your web page, if your business includes one, that is. By automating part of your work, you will make it easier for yourself.

The budget

If your business is a smaller one, it is natural that you look out for a way to cut the expenses. WordPress has a solution, for it can be free, but it is not recommended, because your link will contain “.wordpress.”, and to be honest, it does not look all that professional. Go with the cheapest solution, it will cost you about 20$ a year, and you will have your unique address. Setting up a WordPress blog is not difficult, and can be done by any with minimum computer knowledge. On the other hand, if your job had progressed, and you can invest a bit more money, it is always a good idea. In this case, if you are not that educated, hiring someone else might be best, and you can even try outsourcing.


When deciding how your site will be set up, keep in mind that simple is good, but not scarce. User must find its way as fast as possible, for if the site is confusing, not many people will visit it again. Sitemap is a great feature to have, for there are listed all of the categories you have. From “about us”, user can to “our products” page with just a click. Hosting is one more important thing to consider, so be careful about your choice. See if company which provides it nave a negative feedback by users, for it is counterproductive having site which crashes and is offline often.

Content and looks

Visual aspect is perhaps the most important for an average user. It is understandable that you wish for your site to make money for you, but remember that too much advertising banners will clutter the site, making it too aggressive and user-repulsive. Instead, opt for maybe one or two decent, non-flashing banners of your business partners, and ask them to do the same for you. Photos, video and other multimedia content are great for breaking monotony and “just text” kind of site. If you have problems when it comes to this, it is always possible to contact digital agency, which can help you out, both on short terms and in a longer run.

Get famous

By sharing over social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you are spreading the word about your website. There is a possibility that potential users will stumble upon your site, but this number is far smaller than you need. Consider also undergoing a quality SEO campaign, which will lift you a few notches higher in Google’s search. This is, however such complicated matter, that it would be wisest to leave it to the professionals.

When all is summarized, just be careful, and think about what kind of image you would like to have, and based on that conclusion, build your website. And one more thing, do not forget to format it, so it can be easily seen on smartphones and tablets.

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