How Can Businesses Profit from Backing up and Archiving

Being involved in an online business usually includes cooperating with people and their computers to provide services. The most disgraceful thing that can happen to a provider of online services is losing their clients’ data. This scenario can be prevented by applying latest solutions for backing up and archiving clients’ data.

Backing up for fast access
When you want to ensure that both your employees and your client(s) can reach the data in every situation, you have to make a back-up plan. The main purpose of a backup plan is to keep you clients’ calm and their data safe from being lost, no matter how striking a malware attack or a server breakdown might be. As a provider of Internet-based services, you have to create several solutions for such situations, on several different networks. For instance, having your customers’ information kept on another server might be a safe play.

Frequency of data usage
Unlike archiving, which serves as an electronic warehouse, backing up your online materials is used to restore the data at the spur of the moment. That is why every company that offers online services must know what type and amount of the data they will back up. Not all the data you have on your server will be accessed or needed equally frequently. Every company should ask their IT experts to analyze what data are highly exposed to potential online risks and create two or three backup versions of them.

Protecting duplicated versions
To encrypt or not to encrypt, that is the dilemma. Although you can never overdo with protection in the online environment, some files and folders do not have to be encrypted. If a hacker breaks into your computer, they will not be looking for your photos from a Saturday gig, but real stuff, like tax documents, legal papers and credit card passwords. While encryption is important, it is futile and pointless to encrypt the back-up versions of everything you have on your personal hard disk. On the other hand, businesses should apply encryption wherever possible. Read more about encryption and back up here.

Electronic footprints of your business
Thanks to storage devices and cloud-storing services, today companies do not have to pile up tons of printed documents inside their premises, but they can save their data electronically. If you still have to deal with some sort of printed documents, always scan them first and create at least two electronic copies of every printed document; legal and financial documents are the most important ones, so pay more attention to them. Indeed, digital archiving will reduce the expenses that hard copies cause within a business and increase its functionality.Backing-Up

Going for backing up or archiving?
Actually, these two procedures should be complementary, instead of being mutually exclusive. Private persons should back up all the documents that are important for their personal privacy and safety. They can also archive their data, but it is an optional decision. Businesses that work with other people’s data are obliged to keep their financial records in archives. Also, they need to opt for a virtual private server or a couple of them to create multiple back-up versions and that way take proper care of their clients’ safety.

Both of these procedures can be valuable to a business and the users of its services. Backing up ensures fast and expedient data recovery in real time, while archiving is necessary as a track record for every business. Thanks to the process of digitization, business users of the Internet and new technologies can use numerous options to enhance their business and increase its productivity.
Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz


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