Formula For Effective Mobile Marketing

Know Your Target Audience

Everyone in marketing claims they have the success formula for creating the best mobile business marketing plan. These points are measurable over time…

Mobile device users have been observed to have different browsing behaviors than PC users and even Laptop users. People who use mobile devices are out and about, walking toward a store, shopping area, heading to a friend’s house before going to the movies, or other entertainment or event. They may be involved in a discussion and need quick answer to a question. Mobile devices are being used for quick information, how to do something, where to find something, or some kind of an explanation. This is what makes this audience different from stationary PC and Laptop Users.

First goal, design your creative to be able to upload to a mobile device inside of 5 seconds (100kB/second). This has great impact on the attitude of mobile users regarding your website. In fact, users spend more time on a quick loading site, and often interrupt a site that is taking too long to upload. You can get analytical data on the behaviors of users on your mobile website that includes the number of interrupted uploads, which means users who never even saw your sight. This is a possible indicator that you need to redesign your page for quicker response

Engage User

Marketers use the acronym AIDA Formula for:

  • Awareness, grab attention of your target audience
  • Interest, features, advantages & benefits that spark interest in readers and potential customers
  • Desire, this is the very service, product to satisfied their specific needs
  • Action, in fact, measurable action, leading the reader or website visitor to a specific action.

Use this formula to examine every piece of marketing material from content, visuals, and audio; not only digital marketing, but paper marketing materials as well. If the formula fits, it is useable. Check the directness of the; who, what, where, why, when. Make the questions, as well as the answers, matter to your readers.

Let Users be in Control: (Make the X large and accessible)

If your goal is repeat visits, resale, and customer loyalty do not frustrate your potential clients with overbearing ads, hard to cancel or exit boxes and options. Also create a method of polling your visitors, even if it’s a one question poll or “Like” button. You can measure your customers “Love” with questions about how they feel about your website.

Shorter Words for Mobile Ads

Optimize for mobile digital devices. Create mobile-scalable landing pages with eye-appeal and unique designs. Include a strong call to action like a navigation box that says “Click Here for Download”. Create a compelling message designed to quickly explain why they desperately need what you have to offer.

Geo-targeting – Local Ads

Are you targeting certain local areas being mindful of demographics, language appropriate, culturally appropriate? Are you using color themes for certain local holidays, Cinco de Mayo, Chinese New Year, Kwanzaa, St. Patrick’s Day, Hanukkah or Fourth of July? Be sure you design your strategies around retention, rather than acquisition. Repeat clientele is much less rework than always setting up to bring in new customers. Users will stop, look, and learn when they can relate to your message.

Offering Freebies

You get increased engagement and customer information for a second contact when offering some kind of information. Links are great for showing users you are becoming a thought leader in your industry. Not only having interesting and stimulating content on your website, but offering additional dimension to your information using authoritative website links that are completely relevant. Offer a free e-Book with a sign in form that asks for name and e-Mail address to send it to. Offer money back advantages, use short term availability, $10 off with $50 purchase, good until Midnight, or $25 off with a $150 purchase expires this Sunday. Offer a free mystery gift by snail mail with membership sign up.

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