Six best practices for a successful ecommerce website

Consumer’s experience with marketplace today has become more social, visual and mobile. Business owners are faced with on-going challenge to improve their online services frequently and stay abreast with latest trends. There’re dozens of features one should incorporate in an ecommerce website but make sure it scales your business online for long-term success.successful-ecommerce-website

1.    Make it aesthetically appealing
May sounds like a no-brainer, several companies don’t focus much on aesthetics that in-turn leads to lower visits and eventually website’s downfall. Don’t make the same mistake and provide sharp images to make a difference. With beautiful photography on the page’s background, there’s no need to hire a costly photographer however images should be relevant and crisp thus inciting users for performing a transaction. When catering product photos, they should have a close-up for details from multiple angles. Create a consistent look to foster browsing experience and make shopping more fun.

2.    Merchandising schematics
Merchandising affects more or less 2/3 of overall sales. Asides keeping things in line, categorising different products and services helps user experience with online business. Group each product as per usage alongside complimentary goods like pair of shoes with a suit. Merchandising takes into account designing experience for customers who actually wills to enjoy shopping. Product details must be concise, allowing customers to take immediate decision.

3.    Easy to navigate
Structure of the website should be organised for smooth browsing over both desktop and mobile devices. An easy-to-navigate website let visitors find their desirable product without hassle while catering lots of service options. Most websites today have a “sitemap” that map how it’s designed and where customers would find their desirable products. Consider visibility and usability while ranking quality. It’s better to divide a website into smaller components for clarification and ease of browsing.

4.    One-of-a-kind customer service
If you want to thrash your competitors for good, come up with the best customer service. Make each visitor feel esteemed and witness how likely you’ll get more views each day. Even if you don’t fulfil the needs of a few, cater proactive guidelines and they’ll definitely refer your site to others as well. When dealing with customer service; think outside the box and embrace improvements whenever available be it a 24/7 helpline, email or live chat.

5.    A/B testing for evaluation
“Testing two different versions of a same website or a specific page”; this is A/B testing and one of the best ways to analyse the most appealing features. Test your website’s landing page, home page and various aspects for both desktop and mobile version to see what’s best. Identify possible flaws and work on removing them permanently. Test at-least one metric for success measurement from conversations or click-through rates during the process.

6.    Harness social media
Social media is apparently an ultimate tool, targeting audience on a global scale. With Facebook and several other channels accumulating more than millions of active users, there’s no better way to provide the best customer service. While using social media, focus on three areas namely; promotion, measurement and customer service! Sharing content isn’t enough but make it interactive.

Highlighted above are some of the best practices that guarantee long-term success for your online business. If you’re looking for outstanding services over ecommerce web development in Abu Dhabi, provides some of the most lucrative solutions ever.

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