Driving Gets Better: Automotive Tech That’ll Make You Rethink Cars

Driving has always been about innovation. Every year for last century, the automotive industry has wowed the world with brand new builds, titanic technology, and upgraded user experiences that drive riders wild. Car companies consistently crush expectations and show audiences new views of the world.

So what’s hot in car tech now? Which recent features are going to change the way you ride the roads? We took a look at some top trends and gathered them here for you.Driving-Gets-Better

Pedestrian Detections Systems
Automotive companies are finally delivering what science fiction writers have been talking about for decades: cars that detects object in your path, including pedestrians. BMW and other companies have developed technology that enables drivers to get a split second warning before disaster strikes. Imagine getting a quick warning light that enables you to slam on the brakes and save a life. This feature will save lives, property damage, and lawsuits.
Automatic Cars
This is the big one, the holy grail of automotive technology. Top tech groups the world over get closer every year to unleashing this dream onto the roads. Google, Elon Musk, and many other key players in highway innovation have made some big strides over the last few years. Google claims humans cause accidents more often than their robot drivers. Self driving cars will undoubtedly cause social revolution; people will have hours freed up every day, allowing them to read, get work done, communicate with friends, even drink alcohol safely while on the road. The end of drunk driving? I’m sold.
Anti-Drunk Driving Tech
And speaking of car companies coming up with new ways to prevent drunk driving, there’s more. While automatic cars may one day do away with even the possibility of drunk driving, we’re currently stuck with this intoxicated menace. Car companies are on it, though. We’ve had some of these devices for years—keys equipped with breathalisers, etc. But it’s better now. Whereas previously, drunk driving could fool breathalyzer-keys by having enabling friends cough up some clean air, new devices can read the breathe of the driver as they drive. Then the car can just shut itself down. And the roads are one drunk driver safer.
Anti-Crash Sensors
One CNET writer reported early last year on attempting to crash and car and having the the car successfully prevent him from doing so. If cars can prevent themselves from crashing, the world will be a much safer place. Of course, if you’re a passenger in a car that could suddenly slam on its brakes, you’ll need to be extra sure to wear your seat belt.
Electric Cars
Here’s another one that’s been in the works for years. Finally, companies like Tesla are making the necessary breakthrough that will enable us to free ourselves from our gas dependency. The electric car is on its way. Batteries are improving, attitudes are changing, and industry leaders are looking forward at the same time as gas prices climb and climate change pushes the issues harder with each passing year.

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