The eternal question of whether a desktop or a laptop is better for gaming

desktop-or-a-laptopThe argument of a desktop being better than a laptop is slowly shifting into a neutral direction, as laptops are becoming more and more powerful. With technology rapidly advancing it comes as no surprise that laptops have stronger units installed and that they can not only work on par with their desktop counterparts, but in some cases, they can even outperform. However, we still need some time to see the laptops for gaming take over clear dominance, and until that happens, we will have to struggle between the endless choices a good desktop and a great laptop offers.

Size does not matter

Considering that desktops are usually bulky, large and have a lot of space for different modules to fit, it is not surprising that they will outperform laptops. However, because different pieces of a laptop can be smaller, and they can produce a lot of power, it is now becoming common that gamers opt for a good laptop, because they can get added bonuses and features which some desktops cannot offer. But, even with laptops, size only matters for screen resolution and viewing angle.

Whose processor is stronger?

Of course it will be obvious that a same CPU performing in a desktop, and in a laptop will have differences, and there is still some time needed to pass until they can have the same output. However, some of the difference between desktop and laptop processors are becoming marginally negligible, making the power output of laptops considerable. On the other hand, there are many mobility features a laptop processor can offer, and which might be what the next great gamer needs. Nevertheless, quantity is not always better, and you should look for a good quality processor unit in your laptop.

Is a GPU really that strong?

There is still a considerable gap laptop mobile graphics cards need to close, but those gaps are becoming narrower and narrower. And when comparing with their desktops peers, laptop GPUs are achieving great results, making gaming a real pleasure and experience for gamers. In essence, you will be able to run games on extremely high detail, and you will notice maybe a marginally minor difference than what you would have on your desktop, making laptops a great choice even for really demanding high-end games.

Actual performance

Having more power and a great hardware is not always necessary, because it all depend on what kind of games you want to play, and of course the requirements for those. However, most modern gaming laptops can easily handle most of the games the industry has to offer, without having to invest more into additional features or system upgrades. On the other hand, you have laptops with great upgradability options, giving you the feature to swap or to install different and new models to enable an even smoother gaming performance and experience, making all new games simply fantastic.

One of the bigger differences

Although taking hardware into consideration there is not much difference between the two gaming systems, but if we take creativity into account when building a system, laptops will behind considerably. However, this is not a crucial factor that will increase or decrease gaming performance, although with some added features that even laptops can get, you might considerably lower the heating issues and play more demanding games as well. Computer customization is a factor that will be important if you want to show off you gaming rig, but in general, it will rarely influence gaming performance.

The final conclusion

There is no final verdict, yet, because laptops and the technology behind them are evolving at a rapid pace, which means that they can keep up, and even outperform some of their peers. Although it will be hard to be equal at all times, laptops meant for gaming are a great choice for any avid gamer, and they will be able to have a great experience, without having to suffer too much from performance issues. But, in the end, it all really depends on the budget of a gamer, and how much space and mobility they want for the price they will pay.

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