Best Smartphone Apps for Stock Market Investors

Working the stock market is never an easy task. Investors need to keep tabs on so many things that it often turns into a full-time job, even if it was just a way to make some money on the side. The good news is that with the advancements in smartphone technology, we are now seeing more and more apps that are aimed at stock market investors and their needs. So, what are the best ones and what can they do for the investors?Best Smartphone Apps

The Street
The Street is probably the best smartphone app if you are looking to stay in touch with what is happening on the Wall Street. The app brings you daily headlines and the biggest news and development in the stock market. The availability of the latest news makes it an invaluable app when you are looking to make decisions on which stock to buy or sell.
Investopedia is an essential app for the new stock market investor. The reason for this is that it is the largest source of theory and general information on the stock market and all the different kinds of investing. It acts as a dictionary of the financial terms, as a guide to future investors and also as a place where experts share their opinions. It is very easy to use and it can do incredible things for new investors.
If you are looking for stock alerts and charts, ChartIQ is the app to install. This particular app is linked up with another amazing app called StockTwits and together, they provide an abundance of information crucial for every investor – chart analyses, projections of moving averages and even some interactive drawing tools. What is more, you can personalize your app and make the layout more suitable for your needs.
There are innumerable factors that play into buying and selling a certain stock and more often than not, this is something that requires quite a bit of time. In order to sped this up, it is good to have a stock calculator and GainLoss is one such app. It may not be the most precise stock calculator in the world, but it does the job very quickly and gives the user a chance to quickly figure out where he or she stands before a particular trade.
StockTouch is another app that lets you know what is happening on the markets, but it has a different way of doing it. It is something of a heat map which is interactive and which is divided into 9 main sectors. It also features 4,000 companies, more than 30,000 charts, innumerable news stories and a very effective way of showing you what is happening, how intense the action is and where it is going down.
If you have a number of brokerage accounts and you need an app that will allow you to gather them all up in one place, then Wikinvest is the app for you. It allows you to create your personal account where all your accounts will be compiled and where you will be able to access the holdings of more than 60 of the most important brokerages.
TalkPennyStocks is the world’s premiere app for people who trade in the penny stock market. It has a 24/7 LIVE chat room and forum. It also features stock pics and a portfolio tracker. In addition to this, there is a gain/loss calculator included in the app, as well as a stock ticker symbol lookup. Together with this guide, TPS makes for a truly great app for all penny stock traders.
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