Android Games You Must Play

If you have an Android device that means that you are expecting more than just a simple handheld device that will allow you to make calls or to keep in touch with friends. You will have the potential to run some amazing games and have countless hours of fun. Your biggest fear will be your battery running dry.Android Games

Play As Your Favorite Marvel Hero
Although we cannot become superheroes just yet, the next best thing is to download Marvel Contest of Champions. A simple but addictive game where you can put together a team of heroes, and villains alike, and become the best brawler there is. You can either enjoy the game in single player, or in multiplayer. In either case, you will have the chance to unlock your favorite character, and show others your dominance.
A Never-ending Tale
Playing a game without an end might seem tedious, but not with Speedy Ninja. Not only is it fun, but you will have only scratched the surface only after a few hours of play and there is so much you have to experience. An endless runner game, with invertible game mechanics is sure to grab your attention, and it will not take too much of a toll on your android device either.
An All-time Favorite
It might seem like a goofy idea, but Plants vs. Zombies has taken everyone by surprise, and it is a game that will have you glued to the screen for a long time. Do not forget to sometimes take a break, because you will have more problems than just zombies running you over. Luckily, there are many extensions and additions to the original concept, so you will have a game you can enjoy even while stuck in traffic, or when waiting for your ride home.
Drive Around As Recklessly As You Want
Everyone enjoys a good racing game now and then, but finding one is the hard part. However, with the Reckless Racing you are bound to find something you might fancy. With some Android devices though it will be hard to control your car, and you will have to get used to the wacky controls. But, let that not deter you from having a good time. Just like learning to drive in real life, you need practice and a bit of devotion, but once you get the hang of it, you will have a hard time letting go.
Safe and Enjoyable Games for Kids
Kids enjoy playing games as well, but, without putting too much pressure on them and checking every so often to see if they have downloaded something they should not have will only cause more stress. Over at Poptropica some cheats will be required in order to make the game even more interesting. Though, do not go overboard, as it could ruin the fun and the games could quickly turn dull. On the other hand, it will be a good way to boost some of the more fun and engaging games, and by learning a few tips and tricks you can make it even better.
Keep in mind that not every game you download will be something you might enjoy, and that with time you will find better ones. Nonetheless, there are a number you should try out, and go from there so that you can find your next game you might enjoy more. Bear in mind that you should only go with trusted games, and if you want to pay for a good one, only look for those which are from a respectable and credited publisher.

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