Amazon Seeks To Use 100 Percent Renewable Power Sources

Amazon Commitment

In November of 2014, Amazon made a notable commitment to the overall usage of 100 percent renewable energy within their enterprises.  Announcing the plan recently, this mega data center is currently involved with Amazon piloting Tesla batteries for an energy storage pilot test study. Amazon is focused on their U.S. West region data centers, using Tesla’s brand new stackable battery units to ensure data reliability. This test is a roll-out of 4.8-megawatt hours, pilot testing the power train architecture and components of Tesla electric vehicles. It is a turn-key system that features thermal management, power electronics, with Tesla integrated batteries of efficiency in energy storage and application of renewable power.

Big Data Centers

amazon-seeks-100-percent-renewable-resourcesIt’s not surprising that Amazon, Google, Dell, Microsoft, and Yahoo all have big data centers located in Quincy, Washington. There is an advantage to being nearby Quincy hydroelectric dams that can provide low-cost green power. Data center facilities are no longer required to be located in urban metro areas for access to higher performance with their business points. New technologies and the draw of lower operational costs from cheaper real estate, power, and utilities, resulted in moving forward with building data centers further away from their customer hubs.

In the United States, data centers are one of the fasting growing consumers of electricity. In fact, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, (NRDC), our data centers used enough energy to power up all the homes in New York City, twice. The rise in remote data centers is helping mega enterprises significantly cut budget spending in the area of energy usage. Additionally, forward-thinking state legislators are helping with this effort. For an example, the Oregon State legislators are providing tax incentives for data centers when they relocate to available land in rural communities that allow access to lower-cost power and a drier climate.

When it comes to utilization and implementation, power cloud data center computing is more energy-efficient than any traditional data center operations. Amazon Web Services, or AWS, says they will make good their agreement with Greenpeace to power its operations, including their fleet of data centers, entirely with renewable energy. They signed a long-term power agreement with a wind farm developer in Benton County, Indiana. When a mega power energy user invests in alternative energy sources like wind power, the facility is able to service other renewable energy projects and clients as well. Increasing the size and development capabilities of an alternative energy source helps the United States revolutionize the energy usage problems in our country.

Tesla Energy Storage Systems

The efficiency of energy storage, such as with the Tesla energy storage systems, promise to be the best solution for one of the greatest barriers for widespread adoption of solar and wind alternative energy systems today, which is intermittence or interruption of constant power flow from the sun or wind. Finding the key to this problem, hopefully with the innovative applications of high-capacity battery technology like Tesla, will reduce technical barriers for energy storage to the grid.

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