4 Best Fitness Apps For Abs Workout

With smartphones offering the utmost flexibility of keeping a good track over your health and fitness, you need not look any further. For all you Android users reading this post, Google Play serves as a huge showroom for handy apps specially developed for the health conscious population. You can choose to download brilliant Android fitness apps that will let you monitor your weight, exercise time, heart beat rate and other factors that form crucial aspects of a healthy life. Here are 3 best fitness Apps for Abs workout:

Zombies, Run!


Running is a great exercise for maintaining perfect health. Android’s Zombies, Run! App motivates you to run for a healthy and fit body. Backed with features such as voice recordings and radio messages, Zombies, Run! These fitness Apps for Abs workout lets you schedule your daily ab workout. Creates the perfect scenario wherein you’re being chased by brain eating zombies. Offering you an opportunity of targeting your fear of zombies, this app is the best tool for encouraging you to run miles and miles.



If you love running, cycling, biking, hiking, and walking, then Android’s RunKeeper is the perfect app for you. Equipped with features such as stats, audio coaching, and progress reports, this Android smartphone app keeps you motivated throughout your workout and fitness routine. And that’s not all, with RunKeeper installed in your smartphone, you can even choose to share your fitness activities, achievements and training plans with your friends, family, and relative via social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter.


Combining GPS and Google Maps, MapMyRide+ is an amazing Android app that turns your smartphone into a cycling computer. Android’s MapMyRide+ app serves as a simple sleep tracking solution. It enables you to track the duration of your sleep, how often you wake up during your sleep, how many times do you move in your sleep and much more. Embedded with alarms, MapMyRide+ helps you wake up during your power naps.With this app installed in your device, you can easily keep a good track of your route, distance, speed, time and calories during a cycling session.

Instant Heart Rate ProInstant Heart Rate Pro

Smartphones can allow you to measure your heart rate with utmost convenience. Instant Heart Rate Pro is an Android app that measures your heart rate and keeps a complete track of all the previous readings. To use this Android app, all you need to do is simply place the tip of your index finger against your phone’s camera and the app will track your finger’s color changes that are directly linked to your pulse rate.


Health is something that should never be compromised for any matter. Android applications have served as brilliant tools for helping people stay fit. I’m sure the ones mentioned above would’ve definitely encouraged you to put in that little bit extra towards maintaining a healthy and fit life. These fitness Apps for Abs workout lets you schedule your daily ab workout. With them installed in your smartphone, you need not go to the gym. The advanced, high-quality voice feature makes these apps a must-have for everyone who’s planning to perform abs workouts on a daily basis.

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